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Our Show
MOVE IT! is a fast and fun filled kid's game show that's all about puttin items into the correct order. And those items could be anything - heaviest animals, largest countries or fastest cars. All the competing teams have to do is study them and...MOVE IT!
Over four frantic rounds two teams of two kids will go head-to-head as they try to order the different categories thrown at them by our animated host. The more they get right the more points they'll score. And after four rounds the team with the highest score will go on to play for some great prizes in the end game - The Final MOVE IT!
Our Host
Nick Vindin
Nick lives for sport, travel, and just generally mucking around - so far he has been able to make a career out of all three.

Even as a youngster Nick was always passionate about informing and entertaining. Fast forward twenty years and Nick now has a degree in media and communications to back it up too.

Nick has worked as a TV Sports Reporter, Radio Presenter, Game Show Host, Bar Tender, Sports Couch, "manny" - yep that's a male nanny, a gardener and has even emceed musical events and fundraisers.

Currently you will find Nick on your screens on weekends covering live sports for SBS's flagship new program World News.
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